Web Site Design

The first step in building a web page is deciding what you want it to look like. For an entire web site, you need an overall logical design as well as a way for your visitors to get from one page to another. That is called navigation. Let's assume that you are going to create a full web site.

You need to consider the purpose of the site and what you want it to contain. From there, you can decide how to divide the content into what will fit on an individual web page. Ideally, you don't want people to have to scroll down through a page that is many screens long. It is better to have more pages than long pages. Create an outline for the site, just as if it were a school report. That outline can become the basis for your site navigation and will help you decide how many pages you will need and a logical way to organize them.
Each page in a web site should have a similar appearance to the others, so a visitor can tell that they all belong to the same site. You can accomplish that by using a common color scheme, navigation method, and set of graphical elements. To make things easier, I recommend that you design and create one page first, then use it as a template from which you create the others.

I have provided below a selection of free books and other resources to help you work out the design of your site. Then you can go on to building your first page. It is good to decide on a destination before you pack for the trip...
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