Search Engine Submission

Having a web site is rather pointless unless people can find it. To do that, they use search engines or indexes. To get listed by them, you have three choices:
  1. Go to each engine and index, find their "Add a URL" page, and fill out their form. That's one form per engine or index, most of which want you to enter your site's title, description, and keywords, pick a category for your site, and get your name, address, and email address.
  2. Use an online sumbission service. Fill out one form, then just click on SUBMIT buttons.
  3. Use software you can evaluate or purchase for your PC. This makes it easy to submit multiple pages to the engines and indexes. The software is kept more up to date than the online services, and submits to many more sites. You usually have the opportunity to optimize your submission for each engine and index.
In my opinion, the first option is far too labor-intensive. Number three is great for commercial sites that can justify the cost of the software. That leaves option two for most of us.
If you use more than one of these web sites or software packages, be very careful that you don't submit any of your pages to the same engine or index more than once. Some will automatically delete sites that are submitted multiple times within a given period of time.

By the way, my personal opinion is that "Free for All" sites are useless as a promotion tool and mostly cause you to get lots of junk email.

I've gone through dozens of search engine submission sites. I've only included the best ones here (even though I could get commissions from many of the fee-based submission services). The "Best of the Best" is It is so good that I've begun to review and delete many others that I've had listed on this page for a long time.

Be sure you've optimized your site for the search engines as described on the Preparation page before using any of these services.